It’s Back ! Doug’s arcade at the Coffee Pot in Greenville Ohio on  September 12,2015

here is a video from 2013 of that event. You can support the new arcade by pre-purchasing Entrance to the new arcade next summer.



I am a step closer to realizing my dream. In order to start a business you need funding. I have a passion for pinball and arcade. and it would be great to bring this passion to our community.  If you Donate $50.00 to get this started I will let one person play all games

for free for the first month of operation.

Go to my arcade webpage for all the details.

Phone: 937-564-0179 E-mail: ldb@zapdbf.com

Please use e-mail first.

I am using twitter to inform about new information or pinball machines for sale, please follow me on twitter to get latest updates. Even though I list what is for sale on craigslist, craigslist posts will get dropped or removed for many reasons. Bookmark my website and/or follow me on twitter to stay connected.



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